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Colasanti Navel Orange - NO SHIP -

Colasanti Navel Orange - NO SHIP -

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Washington Navel Orange Tree - Premium Citrus for your Greenhouse

Discover the epitome of citrus with our premium Washington Navel Orange Tree. Renowned for its luscious flavor and vibrant presence, this exquisite citrus variety is a must-have addition to your greenhouse collection.

Taste Sensation: A symphony of tastes as you experience the Washington Navel Orange. Bursting with a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy notes, this orange variety is a culinary masterpiece. With a juicy and succulent texture, each bite delivers a refreshing citrus zing that awakens the senses. Whether enjoyed fresh, juiced, or incorporated into culinary creations, the Washington Navel Orange consistently delights even the most discerning palates.

Size and Maturation: Watch in awe as your Washington Navel Orange Tree matures into a vision of natural splendor. Standing at an impressive height of 7' - 15', this majestic tree will grace your greenhouse with its lush foliage and bountiful fruits. When fully matured, the Washington Navel Oranges grow to a generous size of 3 - 4", providing an abundant harvest that showcases their captivating beauty and irresistible taste.

Caring for Your Washington Navel Orange Tree: Achieving optimal growth and fruitfulness is simple with the right care. Follow these steps to nurture your Washington Navel Orange Tree:

  1. Sunshine Delight: Position your tree in a spot that receives ample sunlight. Washington Navel Oranges thrive in bright, direct sunlight, which fuels their growth and enhances fruit production.

  2. Watering Wisdom: Keep the soil consistently moist but not soggy. A well-draining soil mix is essential to prevent waterlogged roots. During the hotter months, increase watering frequency to ensure the tree's hydration.

  3. Nutrient Elegance: Feed your tree with a balanced, slow-release citrus fertilizer during the growing season. This provides the essential nutrients needed for robust growth and flavorful fruit development.

  4. Pruning Grace: Trim away dead or diseased branches to promote healthy growth. Pruning also encourages better air circulation and sunlight penetration, leading to more bountiful harvests.

  5. Winter Warmth: If you experience frost or chilly winters, consider providing protection to your tree. Cover it with frost cloth or move it indoors to shield it from the cold.

Elevate your greenhouse gardening experience with the Washington Navel Orange Tree. Embrace the magic of nurturing a tree that not only graces your space but also rewards you with the unparalleled delight of its succulent, flavorful oranges. Order yours today and embark on a journey of citrus sophistication!

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