Collection: Peperomia

Commonly found around low light environments, many Peperomia make a great addition to your home in those low light corners, tight spaces and guest rooms. They are known for their drought tolerance, low light tolerance and bug resistance. If you find you struggle with Succulents, high light plants, thin leaf tropicals or water heavy plants, you may want to give Peperomia a shot. With over 1,000 different plants in the Genus Peperomia come with thick fleshy, semi-succulent foliage with a wide array of textures and patterns; from soft and green to textured and marbled. Most tropical Peperomia grown in North America can make great shelf and tabletop plants, but there are a few trailing Peps to seek out for shelf edges and ceiling hangers. Due to their drought resistance and low light requirement these make excellent gifts for your new-to-plants friends.

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