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Philodendron Pedatum - Florida Beauty Green

Philodendron Pedatum - Florida Beauty Green

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Pedatum Philodendrons are a wonderful houseplant that's easy to keep indoors in North America. Known for growing in easy to grow, moderate light environments, regardless of humidity levels. Pedatum grow light green foliage with new leaves coming out slightly lime colored, that once mature, can grow to be 20" long. Pedatum Philos are a floor plant, and don't require a moss pole or much space. 

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 Philodendron Pedatum work best as a hanging plant with a couple feet around the pot to allow it to grow and spread. Grown in its native environment, Pedatum can grow as a ground cover and will grow over deadfall or climb a moss tree trunk. Grown indoors though, you can expect your Pedatum to comfortably reach 20'' in height with mature leaves reaching 4' long. 



Using Schultz all purpose Houseplant food systemically every watering - every other watering is a great way to encourage rapid growth in the short Canadian grow season. Many growers use an additional epiphyte fertilizer to encourage large leaves and healthy air roots.

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