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Philodendron Narrow

Philodendron Narrow

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Tiger Tooth Philodendrons are a great new houseplant that's landed in North America. Known for growing in easy, moderate light environments, regardless of humidity levels. Tiger Tooth grow stunning, jungle green, heavily serrated foliage, that once mature, can grow to be 2 - 1/2' long. Allow this plant lots of space to spread, as it trails similar to a Jungle Boogie Philodendron, or split leaf Philodendron


Tiger Tooth Philodendron Leaf



Tiger Tooth Philodendron work best as a floor plant or shelf plant if anchored by a heavy pot. They would not work well hanging but, instead are used as a floor plant with a trellis or moss pole for the Philodendron to climb and cling to. Grown in its native environment, Tiger Tooth Philodendrons can grow to be 10' Tall/long, grow parasitically on the trunk of trees and fallen old growth, and can develop foliage spreading over 3' long. Grown indoors though, you can expect your Tiger Tooth Philodendron to comfortably reach 2 - 1/2' in height with mature leaves reaching 2' long. 



Philodendrons are a parasitic epiphyte similar to Pothos and Hoya. Meaning they prefer to grow air roots and wrap themselves around dead fall, Trees, branches and rock walls in humid environments. Understanding their native environment is important when learning how to care for these indoors. They are considered an easy plant to grow, great for beginners and are very rewarding with fast, vigorous new growth. Tiger Tooth Narrow Philodendrons like having higher humidity, and around 3 hours of direct sunlight in a day. If your space does not allow that, consider using a small grow light in a lamp. Hardly any room will be too bright for a Narrow Philo, but they can not handle more than 6 hours of direct sunlight in a day. Spraying the plant with a mist bottle or keeping it near a humidifier is a great way to encourage large healthy leaves and a healthy air root system. Using Leaf Shine to keep your leaves dust free and water spot free will improve the presence of the plant in the room. 



Using Schultz all purpose Houseplant food systemically every watering - every other watering is a great way to encourage rapid growth in the short Canadian grow season. Many growers use an additional epiphyte fertilizer to encourage large leaves and healthy air roots.

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 Flower courtesy of Caralee Bower

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