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Peperomia scandens Variegata Hanging Basket

Peperomia scandens Variegata Hanging Basket

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This Peperomia thrives on neglect, so we recommend growing this Pep away from direct sunlight, but if direct sun is necessary based on the spot you have available for it, try keeping the direct sun to less than 3 hours a day. This should make a room with North or East lighting preferred. You can grow this Pep in a West or South facing room if you have it away from the windows and direct sun. Depending on which sunlight environment you have your Peperomia in, it should be able to go up to 3 weeks before requiring water and showing signs of shriveling or drought stress. If your Pep is getting any direct sun, you can expect to need to water your Pep weekly. You will notice some wrinkling or loss of stiffness in the foliage when experiencing drought. 

You can prune your plant back by no more than 30% to encourage your Pep to branch out and force your plant to grow thicker rather than longer. Grow lights are no needed for most Peperomia, but if you do decide to use supplementary lighting, we would not recommend LED's, but rather a T5 or a standard Grow CFL.

Sunblaster grow light for Peperomia plant


This Peperomia will do excellent with a high dose 20-20-20 fertilizer every second watering throughout the grow season. In Northern Canada this grow season is March - late October. 

Dutch Treat 20-20-20 fertilizer for Peperomia plant



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