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N' Joy Pothos Hanging Basket

N' Joy Pothos Hanging Basket

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N' Joy Pothos is an uncommon variety of the 'small leaf' white and green varieties of Pothos. Sister to "'Glacier' Pothos" and "Pearl and Jade Pothos"; N' Joy Pothos Foliage is Crisp white, with only 1 shade of green and no speckling. Known for being easy growers, N' Joy Pothos make great additions to your lower light rooms. Easily growing without direct sunlight. Pothos are epiphytic plants that grow parastically on trees and deadfall in the rainforest and more humid environments. Humidity is not required to grow this beautiful plant, but certainly encourages larger leaves, vibrant color and healthy new growth.


Shipping in 4" & 6" Pots, you'll be receiving a plant roughly 2" - 6" Long, and within 2 months you should see aggressive growth from your N' Jade Pothos. If given the proper pot size for the roots to grow, you can expect your Pothos to grow over 12' long draping over cupboards, curtain rods or simply hanging from the planter. With Higher humidity you can train your Pothos to grow on a moss pole or trellis similar to Philodendrons or Hoya.



Pothos are great beginner plants and will grow in virtually any conditions. High light, low light, high humidity, low humidity. The only two environments they don't perform the best in is Direct Sunlight and freezing temperatures. You'll want to keep your pothos at least 6" away from any drafty cold windows and out of any windows that have more that 3 - 4 hours of direct sunlight. Water your Pothos weekly at average, but most importantly, allow your Pothos to dry out fully between waterings. To encourage larger foliage or faster growth, try replacing a bulb in a floor lamp or ceiling light with a 26 Watt Grow light.



Pothos will grow well with an all purpose Fertilizer such as Schultz All Purpose Plant food  diluted in your watering can, and will love any added epiphyte fertilizer you'd like to give it. We recommend an orchid fertilizer spray on the foliage or Epiphyte Delight, one of our favorite Foliar Fertilizers.

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