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SunBlaster Light Grip - Suction Mount

SunBlaster Light Grip - Suction Mount

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Light Grip ~          Suction Mount

Getting the right light to your Seedlings and clones has not always been an easy task, we get that.

The Light Grip  ~ Suction Mount is a Strip Light  securing accessory  that makes your propagation just a little easier.

Our SunBlaster LED and T5HO Strip Lights are the chosen light source for many indoor growers today.

Two suction cups secure the lighting brackets to your humidity dome or any other smooth surface that you wish to mount your light to.

Your SunBlaster LED or T5HO Strip Lights simply slide in through the brackets to your desired position.

Keeping your lighting in place is now a much simpler process thanks to these Light Grips with Suction Mounts!

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