Hoya Mathillde



Hoya Mathillde is a small, dense leaved, Semi-Succulent Hoya. Typically grown in a hanging basket or on the edge of a shelf to allow the Hoya to trail. Mathillde does not climb or vine much at all. Mathillde can grow past 6' in length and can be cut to encourage back-branching and thicker growth near the soil. Mathillde are easily recognizable by their adorable, pointed round leaves.


Hoya Mathillde have small delicate foliage that can reach 1"in length.


Hoya Mathillde is a semi-succulent Hoya, so slightly less water than a typical Carnosa. They like bright light, but prefer around 4 - 6 hours of direct sunlight. Feed your hoya monthly through the grow season to encourage fast growth and flowering. You can grow your Mathillde in a lower light area of your home with the addition of a 26 Watt Grow light


Hoya prefer a high phosphorus feed to encourage flowering, and we find our All Purpose Fertilizer is a great feed for most Hoya collectors that are trying to encourage flowering an new growth. 

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