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Grotek Monster Grow Pro 18 - 36 - 1


Monster Grow™ Pro is a designed to increase leaf development and push out more roots before flower development. It is a water soluble powder blend of mineral and organic nutrients essential for plant development. This product focuses heavily on root development and overall canopy growth. Quality nitrogen from both mineral and organic sources gives a boost to plant leaf production and size.


3g per 19L (Stand-alone)
0.1g per 1L (Feedchart)


Total Nitrogen (N)18%
Available Phosphate (P₂O₅ )36%
Soluble Potash (K₂O)1.0%

Nutrient (ppm) at 0.1 g/L

Nitrogen (N)18ppm
Available Phosphate (P₂O₅)36ppm
Soluble Potash (K₂O)1ppm

Soil/Soilless/Water Culture:Mix 3 g per 19 L of water (2/3 tsp / 5 gal). Repeat weekly throughout vegetative growth period.