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Grotek Cal-Max 2 - 0 - 0

Grotek Cal-Max 2 - 0 - 0

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Grotek Cal-Max is the go-to rescue remedy for plants experiencing the most common nutrient deficiencies. Cal-Max can be used to treat nitrogen, calcium, magnesium and iron deficiencies induced by nutrient imbalance, rapid growth, high humidity and other stressful conditions. While great for treating multiple nutrient deficiencies, elevated calcium is a key component in Cal-Max.

While referred to as a ‘secondary nutrient’, calcium is required in high levels but is one of the more challenging nutrients for plants to absorb and transport. Fast growing plants struggle to absorb sufficient the calcium to match growth rates, while high humidity conditions reduce transpiration and the movement of calcium to growing tissues. A foliar application of Cal-Max is the most rapid remedy for treating these deficiencies. Applied as a root drench as part of proper nutrition management can stop issues before they arise. If nitrogen is most deficient Insta-Green may be a more appropriate remedy, while Cal-Max gives a greater calcium boost.

Cal-Max is also a great conditioning agent for reverse osmosis water and for charging coco media.

Cal-Max™ works to charge soilless media and bring plants back from common minor deficiencies associated with nutrient imbalance, rapid growth, or overly humid conditions. A must for growers using coir based soils. Available nitrogen stimulates chlorophyll and amino acid production to quickly re-green starved plants. Chelated iron adds more deficiency fighting power for lush green growth. Added calcium helps to strengthen the plant and assist in times of peak growth.


1.25ml per 1L (Soil/soiless)
1.25ml-2ml per 1L (Hydro)
2.5ml per 1L (Foliar)


Nitrogen (N)2%
Calcium (Ca)3%
Magnesium (Mg)1%
Iron (Fe)0.1%

Nutrient (ppm) at 1 ml/L

Nitrogen (N)20 ppm
Calcium (Ca)30 ppm
Magnesium (Mg)10 ppm
Iron (Fe)1 ppm
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