Grotek Bloom Pack

Grotek Bloom Pack

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The Grotek Bloom Pack™ is the all-in-one kit you need for blooming. Add the high-powered, highly concentrated products in our kit to your bloom cycle, and experience Grotek’s monster yield program. Included is our easy-to-use feed chart that will simplify how to use these products throughout the blooming stage. 


Bud Fuel™ Pro 500 mL (x1) 
Heavy Bud™ Pro 500 mL (x1) 
Vitamax™ Pro 500 mL (x1) 
Monster Bloom™ 20 g (x2) 
Blossom Blaster™ Pro 125 mL (x1) 
Solo-Tek Bloom™ 500 mL (x2)

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