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Dr. Doom Spidermite Knockout

Dr. Doom Spidermite Knockout

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Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout is a household pesticide that is effective against many household pests, such as Mealybug, bedbugs, fungus gnats, aphids and of course, Spidermites! Dr Doom Spidermite Knockout is available in a 500 Gram Aerosol can with a special nozel for release in any orientation, making it easy to spray the can upside down on the underside of your plant foliage. Spidermite knockout can be used on ornamentals, Edibles, Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, Succulents and houseplants.


Keeping the Aerosal can at least 8" - 10" from your plant, evenly spray the infected areas of the foliage and stems. Sufficiently and evenly mist the plant in a well ventilated area. We recommend leaving the pesticide on the foliage for a minimum of 10 minutes and rinse your plant with a spray bottle with water or rinse the foliage in the shower before it dries on your plant. It is required for this pesticide to physically touch the pest for the pest to die off, so making sure to evenly coat the plant in the effected areas is necessary. 


Active Ingredient

Pyrethrin         Pyrethrin pesticide found naturally in Fall Mum plant

Pyrethrin* is an organic compound harvested from the Fall ornamental plant, Chrysanthemum (Fall Mums)! This compound is often considered compliant for organic gardening as it breaks down quickly and is not absorbed by the plant. Though, be careful with outside use, if you accidentally spray a bee it will have the same result as spraying a Spidermite! As Pyrethrin breaks down so fast, this shouldn't be much of a concern unless you are actively seeking out and spraying garden bugs around your yard. 

Pyrethrin is found naturally in Fall Mums, so as an experiment you can actually take dried Mum flowers, grind them to a powder and test this powder on a colony of controlled Spidermites! Though it won't be as effective as the mixed components of Dr. Doom Spidermite Knockout, it still makes for an exciting experiment!


If this product doesn't quite fit your needs, check out our Safers End-all which also has Pyrethrin as an active ingredient!

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Spidermites on an alocasia houseplant
*SDS Sheet is available upon request
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