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Citrus Key Lime

Citrus Key Lime

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Persian Lime Tree - Exquisite Citrus for Your home

Elevate your greenhouse garden with the enchanting  Lime Tree. Brimming with sophistication and culinary allure, this citrus gem is a testament to nature's finest creations.

Taste Sensation: Indulge in a sensory symphony with the  Lime's distinct flavor profile. Its tangy, zesty notes are balanced by a subtly sweet undertone, creating a taste that's both invigorating and captivating. From cocktails to cuisines, the  Lime adds a burst of freshness that elevates every dish and drink.

Size and Maturation: Witness the transformation of your Lime Tree into a verdant masterpiece. Standing tall at 15', this tree graces your home with its lush foliage and abundant fruits. As the limes mature, they reach a size of 1" - 2.5", showcasing their vibrant green hue and tantalizing aroma.

Caring for Your Persian Lime Tree: Nurturing your  Lime Tree is a rewarding journey. Follow these care instructions to ensure its thriving growth:

  1. Sunlit Splendor: Place your tree in a sun-drenched spot, receiving at least 8 hours of direct sunlight daily. The Persian Lime thrives under sunlight, producing juicy and flavorful fruits.

  2. Watering Ritual: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Allow the top inch of soil to dry before watering again. Adjust the frequency based on environmental conditions.

  3. Nutrient Nourishment: Feed your tree with a balanced, slow-release citrus fertilizer during the growing season. This feeds the roots, resulting in vibrant foliage and bountiful fruiting.

  4. Pruning Precision: Trim away dead branches and promote a balanced canopy. Pruning enhances air circulation, light penetration, and encourages healthy new growth.

  5. Winter Care: If frost is a concern, move your tree indoors or provide frost protection. Persian Limes are sensitive to cold temperatures and may require shelter during winter.

Experience the allure of the Lime Tree in your greenhouse. From the enchanting aroma of its leaves to the tangy zest of its fruits, it's a captivating addition that promises to enrich your gardening journey. Order yours today and embark on a path to citrus elegance!

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