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Active Eye Microscope

Active Eye Microscope

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Our cell phone Magnifyers by Hydrofarm offer 60x & 100x magnification which is a great magnification for pest and disease identification. Simply clamp the 60x onto your Android or iPhone Cellphone or tablet and view 60x on your device display. 

Active Eye Microscopes use super-bright LED bulbs to illuminate your specimen. These lightweight microscopes are designed conveniently sized to fit in your pocket or backpack for mobile use while shopping!

Magnification Levels


The 60x Magnification Microscope is equipped with 3 superbright LED's, a manual multi-height focus range, a cell phone / tablet clamp, a Satin carrying pouch & a common Pests & Disease Quick ID Chart.

Active eye cell phone microscope

Photo: Two-spotted Spidermite & Spidermite Egg at x 60 Magnification.


 The 100x microscope is not designed for use with a screen or cell phone. Intended for optical use only. 


  • Provides targeted, optimal illumination
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Includes batteries and case
  • Includes tri-lingual color chart/user guide 
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