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Calathea Rattlesnake (Calathea Lancifolia)

Calathea Rattlesnake (Calathea Lancifolia)

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Calathea Rattlesnake is a great intermediate plant that loves humidity and has stunning, showy foliage. A more common variety of Calathea, with bright green leaves with dark forest green spots, they make quite the show piece. While known for being picky growers, Calathea make great additions to your brightly lit rooms, growing well without direct sunlight. Their growth is mainly upright, with some stems hanging down slightly, giving them a bushy shape. 


Shipping in 4" or 6" Pots, you'll be receiving a plant roughly 2" - 8" tall. Calathea make the perfect floor or table plants. They look gorgeous in a ceramic planter to add extra flare to your home.   With their upright growth pattern and unique color, they can make any corner of your home bright and cheery. With Higher humidity your Calathea will be beautiful and bushy in no time.  


Calathea often require higher humidity levels to grow beautifully and to keep the leaves vibrant and full of color. You'll want to keep your Calathea at least 6" away from any drafty cold windows or doors and out of any windows that have more than 3 - 4 hours of direct sunlight. Water your Calathea weekly at average, but most importantly, do not allow your Calathea to dry out fully between waterings. To encourage larger foliage or faster growth, try replacing a bulb in a floor lamp or ceiling light with a 26 Watt Grow light.



Calathea will grow well with an all purpose fertilizer such as Schultz All Purpose Plant food  diluted in your watering can. They would also do very well in soil with added worm castings or Gaia Green All Purpose Fertilizer.

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