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Calamondin Citrus Shrub - NO SHIP -

Calamondin Citrus Shrub - NO SHIP -

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Calamondin Orange Tree - Petite Citrus Treasure for Your Greenhouse


Unveil the charm of miniature citrus with the Calamondin Orange Tree. Adored for its dainty size and vibrant fruits, this tree brings a burst of citrus elegance to your greenhouse oasis.

Taste Sensation: Delight in a unique citrus experience with the Calamondin Orange. Its diminutive size conceals an explosion of tartness tempered by subtle sweetness. As you savor its juicy flesh, you'll uncover notes that evoke both oranges and tangerines. From garnishes to preserves, the Calamondin Orange lends a distinctive flair to your culinary endeavors.

Size and Maturation: Watch in awe as your Calamondin Orange Tree matures into a breathtaking spectacle. Standing proudly at 10' - 12', this compact tree adorns your home with its glossy foliage and clusters of vibrant oranges. Maturing to a size of 1", these petite fruits present a lively touch of color and fragrance.

Caring for Your Calamondin Orange Tree: Cultivating your Calamondin Orange Tree is a rewarding adventure. Adhere to these care instructions for its flourishing growth:

  1. Sunshine Embrace: Position your tree where it receives ample sunlight. Calamondin Oranges thrive in bright, indirect light, making them an ideal choice for greenhouse cultivation.

  2. Watering Ritual: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Allow the top inch of soil to dry before watering. Adjust your watering routine based on seasonal changes.

  3. Feeding Finesse: Provide your tree with a balanced, slow-release citrus fertilizer during the growing season. This nourishes the roots and fosters healthy foliage and fruiting.

  4. Pruning Precision: Trim away dead or overgrown branches to maintain a compact shape. Pruning also encourages air circulation and enhances the overall appearance of the tree.

  5. Winter Care: Shield your tree from cold drafts or frost. Move it indoors or protect it with frost cloth during chilly spells to safeguard its well-being.

Elevate your greenhouse sanctuary with the Calamondin Orange Tree. From its charming stature to its delectable fruits, it's a testament to the beauty of nature's intricacies. Order yours today and embark on a journey of citrus enchantment!

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