Gift Card Fundraiser Program

In the 3 years we've been running our gift card fundraiser program, local non-profits have raised over $18,000 using the program. So let's just jump right into it!

The Program Is Simple

Send the kids home with order forms, collect cash, deliver gift cards.
No upfront cost. No unsold cards. No headache. 

The Details

- Retain 25% of the value of sold cards for your fundraising goals
- No Credit Card information required
- Gift Cards are redeemable at any Braeheid Gardens Location. (Craft show, trade show, Prairie Mall Locations, etc)
- Multiple Demographics (Tree & shrub nursery stock, Annuals, Perennials, Houseplants, Soils, Fertilizers)
- Gift Cards Do not expire, and their value does not depreciate over time. 
- No Minimum & No Maximum


Fundraiser Application