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Hoya Hindu Rope

Hoya Hindu Rope

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Hoya Carnosa Compacta, Hindu Rope Hoya, easily recognizable by its tightly curled leaves forming heavy draping branches. Hoya are epiphytic plants, though the Carnosa Compacta speifically has much too heavy of branch to develop much for climbing traits. Hindu rope buds have light pink, star shaped fuzzy flowers with rounded edges. The throat is a cream with a nice dark pink ring surrounded by cream points. This plant will show much better in a plant stand, hanging basket or shelf edge where it has the opportunity to show it's long heavy branches.

Hindu Rope Hoya, Hoya compacta, flower


Hoya Hindu Rope can reach extreme sizes when grown indoors, with some vines reaching up to and exceeding 8'. Many growers will wrap the branches around on a trellis or shelf and allow the Hoya vine to keep reaching new lengths, while others will cut the Hoya vines back to more manageable sizes to encourage more branching and more aggressive growth from lower down on the plant. 


Hindu rope prefer Great light environments, from East to South - West, these plants love high & Direct Light. If you don't see new growth from your Hoya yet, it may not be getting enough, so we recommend keeping it in a well lit, direct light environment and if that space is unavailable, you can substitute your lighting with 26W Grow bulbs that can be placed into nearby floor lamps. 


Hoya prefer a high phosphorus feed to encourage flowering, and we find our All Purpose Fertilizer is a great feed for most Hoya collectors that are trying to encourage flowering an new growth. Try our Gaia Green Powerbloom if you'd like to encourage your Hindu Rope Hoya to bloom!

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