Hydrangea Magic: A Beginner's Guide to Changing Flower Colors with 'Evergro Sulphur'

Hydrangea Magic: A Beginner's Guide to Changing Flower Colors with 'Evergro Sulphur'

If you're looking to mix up your hydrangea blooms, I've put together a short read on some tips we've learnt along the way on how you can mess around in your own backyard, making some minor adjustments to adjust the colors of your blooms year to year.

Changing Hydrangea Colors with "Evergro Sulphur"

Grab yourself some "Evergro Sulphur." This stuff helps tweak the soil pH, which is like the secret sauce for changing colors. First things first, check what your soil's pH is. You can do this with a pH test kit

Now, "Evergro Sulphur" is the star of the show here. It's got sulfur magic that makes the soil all cozy for blue blooms. Sprinkle it around your hydrangea base, follow the directions on the package, and give it a gentle mix with a rake or fork. Then, water the area real good. Be patient – it might take a few weeks to see the color change kick in, retest the pH and repeat the process if needed.

Tree Vibes and Bloom Colors

Did you know nearby trees like spruce and pine can play color games with your hydrangeas? Yep! These trees can throw shade (literally) and compete for space underground. And guess what? Those fallen pine needles and leaves can make your soil slightly acidic over time. That's like music to the ears of blue hydrangeas.

The thing is, trees are like your hydrangea's neighbors, and they can affect the vibe. Shade levels, soil chemistry, and even the way sunlight hits can change how your blooms look. Plus, as those tree bits break down, they mess with the soil pH, giving you a shot at those cool blue or vibrant pink blooms. Now, keep in mind, that we live in Northern Alberta, we can't plant and expect blue Hydrangeas to survive over winter in your garden beds, but we can expect that we can lean into blue territory with some PH adjustments. So Starting with a white Hydrangea, then lowering your PH with a higher acidity, will slowly change the color of your hydrangea blooms.

Final Thoughts and Flower Power

Tinkering with hydrangea colors is like a science experiment for your garden. You can use "Evergro Sulphur" to coax out those dreamy blue hues – just follow the instructions on the label, and be prepared to be patient. And those trees nearby? They're like mood setters for your blooms. Their roots, leaves, and shade all play a part in the color show. So, go on, start experimenting, and if you don't like the resulting color changes, don't worry, it will likely be reset for next year!

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