How do we ship in winter?!

How do we ship in winter?!

By Shawn Bouchard

How do we ship in winter?!

Shipping options:

We ship with Canada Post *Expedited (Up to 7 business day delivery), *Xpress post (2 business day delivery) & *Priority (Next day delivery). 

Free shipping is Canada Post Regular parcel, which may take up to 10 days for delivery. We still pack plants appropriately, but this free shipping option is mostly designed for dry goods, like ceramics, fertilizers, soils, pesticides, etc. 

How do we pack shipments with live plants in the winter months?

We pack packages as carefully as possible.

We use:

  1. Single layered Cardboard boxes
  2. Plants are double plastic bagged and sealed close
  3. Each plant is individually wrapped in newsprint paper
  4. An appropriate heat pack (up to 72hour) is placed inside the bagged space w/ the plants. (You're welcome to purchase an additional heat pack for inside your packaging here: just add a note during checkout to open the heat pack for shipping)
  5. All flaps of the box are thoroughly sealed with packing tape to prevent draft
  6. All box sides are lined with a layer of bubble wrap
  7. An extra layer of cardboard is placed at the top of the box
  8. Shipments containing plants are only shipped on Mondays & Tuesdays

Is there a guarantee that my plants will arrive without any frost damage?

We do not guarantee your plants will arrive within the time frame specified by Canada Post, we strongly recommend you choose an appropriate shipping option. We do not offer refunds, in-store credits or returns on frost damaged plants from November - April. Please ship live plants at your own risk.


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